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We're back! Diablo Evolution 2.0
It's been a couple of months since our last update and to be honest, it wasn't much of an update. We just put the website back online and nothing more. Links were dead, information outdated and who knows what else.
After multiple months of hard work, we bring you a huge update! We proudly present:

-almost every single screenshot has been replaced with a higher quality version
-all broken links fixed and more downloads added
-a ton of new screenshots, twice as many as before
-screenshot analysis completely redone
-a new version of the Alpha 4 with tons of new features
-new VIDEOS section featuring our new YouTube channel
-FORUMS are back up
-stay connected via FaceBook and Twitter for updates
-Work in Progress: WIKI section

The Alpha4 is now called "Dark Vengeance" which used to be the original subtitle of the game at one point (Diablo - Dark Vengeance) so we decided to reflect this in our latest update. There's a lot to discover and we made numerous additions to enhance the experience, while staying true to the early version it's based on.

Enjoy your stay! :)
Mystery 22.11.2011

We're back! Sort of...
After several years of silence and without updates, we're finally back. The old server had a couple of issues, that's why this website is now available at
Unfortunately the forum couldn't be saved and a new one still has to be set up, but it'll be back. Regarding future updates, well, there is still a lot of content to be added, but I'm not sure when or if I find the time. For now I'll do my best to bring the website up again and also reupload the alpha and beta version of Diablo, so it's available to everyone. There are some minor updates to the alpha, but nothing fancy.

In order to make this project more informative and accessible, I've decided to create a Diablo-Evolution Wiki. This will allow other users to create new content with ease and without me being involved in every step. Hopefully the community will be able to transfer the content from the classic Diablo-Evolution website to the Wiki and add new information and data as well. The original website will still be available for archival purposes.
Mystery 21.06.2011

January Update I
It's been 10 years since Diablo was released! We're a little bit late, but still, we want to celebrate this moment, so we give you two major updates:
The first one is easily noticeable. We've done some work on the general design of the website. We hope you like it :)
The second one can be found in the new item on the navigation bar to the left, called "Alpha4". The Alpha4 is a project made by the Diablo Evolution team and it's the attempt to recreate the experience of an early Diablo version, prior to release. You'll find lots of information there and of course the download link to the complete Alpha4! Have fun and share your experiences in the forums, as we're extremely interested to see if anyone can beat the game.
Mystery 30.01.2007

December Update I
Well, it's been quite a long time since the last update, but we're back on the road with some cool new stuff to be released very soon!
The whole website has gotten a small visual facelifting, most tables have been updated to give them the same look and increase readability.
You'll hopefully notice better image quality without experiencing increased loading times. Links and Files sections have also been updated.

Make sure to visit the page regularly in the future, because we've got something special for the holiday season ;)
Mystery 14.12.2006

September Update I
We bring you three new screenshots!
  • 3 interesting screenshots added in the Alpha1 section!
  • a lost enemy class has been identified: the "Ice Stalker", the counterpart to the burning dead
  • two screenshots in the prdemo section have been added (they were online long before but somehow I missed to upload the updated prdemo site *g*)
  • The Legit Diablo Forum has been added to the links section

We'll also try to include the "Ice Stalker" in the Alpha4 project!
Mystery 01.09.2006

August Update II
This update includes quite a lot of corrections.

This is what happened since the last Update:
  • A lot of typos have been corrected
  • The low quality photos in the MISC section have been replaced with better quality scans
  • We have been mentioned in the news of DiabloRebirth (26.8.06)
  • The AFFIXES section has been updated for better readability
  • The ENEMIES sections have been updated for better readability
  • The ITEMS sections has been updated for better readability
  • The SHRINES section has now additional retail shrines for comparison

Future updates will feature more and/or new data instead of "just" corrections and layout updates.
Mystery 31.08.2006

August Update I
Starting today we'll keep you informed on a regular basis about all changes and updates happening on this site.

This is what happened since the launch:
  • We have official permission by Blizzard Entertainment to provide you with the original Beta version of Diablo!
  • All screenshot descriptions have been updated, corrected and enhanced, if necessary.
  • Images of the Trader and the Ancient Rune Shield have been added
  • We have been mentioned in the news of PlanetDiablo (7.8.06)
  • We have been mentioned in the news of InDiablo (German) (19.8.06)
  • The files section has been updated with new versions of the tools and of course the beta version
  • You can find a link to our site in both, the english and german, entries about Diablo1 at Wikipedia

That's it for the moment. Now that the release went quite good, we'll focus on improving the site. We'll also supply you with new content at the same time. There'll be at least two content updates per month.
Mystery 22.08.2006

We finally made it!
Two years of work, countless hours spent, revisions were made...multiple times to almost every major part of this website, even we didn't sometimes believe that this website would ever see the light of day, but now it's here: Diablo Evolution
And just in time for the 10th anniversary of Diablo!
Filled with data, screenshots, information, analysis of everything concerning the development of Diablo, this website will show you, what this great game should have become.
I hope you enjoy exploring the world of Diablo Evolution as much as we had discovering and creating it! And if you do, make sure to check back regularly, as we've still got updates coming!
Mystery 03.07.2006