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Removed Spells: Analysis

This Section deals with spells that appear as icons, graphics and in most cases sounds, emerge as icons and sounds and occur only as icons.
Note:If not otherwise stated every file can be found in Retail Diablo’s mpq-file.

Section 1.1.a - Removed Spells, appearing as icon, graphics and sounds (except for mindmace), active:

Type: Fire based
Effect: A lidless, fogged eye arises, which is shooting firebolts at all enemies within a specific range
Additional Information:
- was later renamed to Sentinel(Beta)
- all the related files are still present in the Retail-Version, but the format of the graphic-files wasn't converted from *.cel to *.cl2
- Is fully integrated in the Pr-Demo
- graphics: fires:sentfr.cel, stays: sentout.cel, appears: sentup.cel
- sounds: sentinel.wav
- formula: costs 50 - 4*SLVL mana (all the formulas were derived by Sekel)

imageBlood Boil:
Effect: A spell, which causes the enemy’s blood to boil .. surprise .. surprise ;)
Additional Information:
- graphics: bloodbur0-2.cl2, bloodburs.cl2, blood1-4.cl2
- sounds: cast: bldboil.wav, hit: blodboil.wav(Beta-only)
- can be, but shouldn't be used in the Pr-Demo, since it doesn't work that often. In most cases the game crashes
- the icon is reused in Hellfire for the Rage-Skill
- formulas & related notes:
Its DMG is obvious: 1 cast = 1 death, no matter the victim’s HitPoints Blood Boil will always kill it.
Mana cost Formula: MC = 20 - 2*SLVL  (from 10 slvl you can cast it mana-free)
Blood Boil contains the “Hp drain”-formula (unfortunately it is bugged and causes game-crashes), which is: 
HP drain = - (100 - (12,5* SLVL)) [% HP of victim]
So, if you use slvl 0 Blood Boil, you’ll lose 100% of your victim’s HP (the maximum not the actual ones are taken for the calculation). With a slvl 4 Blood Boil, you’ll lose 50% of the victim’s HP and with slvl 8 Blood Boil, you lose no HP at all. At higher slvls you’ll face quite a problem as you’ll in fact GAIN HitPoints from killing enemies, which results in the possibility of having higher current HitPoints than max. HP, but as the game cannot handle situations with +16 to max. HP you’ ll get to suffer from an immediate crash. Apart from that it should not be that bugged.

imageDoom Serpents:
Type:Magic Based
Effect:Ever had problems handling a monster, which is everything but magic immune? The Doom Serpent will do the trick.
Additional Information:
- graphics: before hitting: doom1-9.cl2, hit: doomexp.cl2
- sounds: cast: dserp.wav, hit: dserpatt.wav
- yet another great-working spell of the Pr-Demo
- works only on Animals (except for the Butcher)
Manacost: MC = 30 - 5*SLVL (at 6. + slvl it asks for no mana)
Doom Serpents missiles are guided and they won't appear without a target. They can take out more than 1 enemy (the scripts maybe were reused for the Elemental-Spell).
Type: unknown
Effect:Judging from the spellicon as well as from the fact that the animation is not 8-ply (one for each direction, plus possibly an impact animation like firebolt or holybolt) I would still believe that this was meant to be a missile spell. Mindmace reminds me of a spiritual hammer of sorts. A mace controlled by the mind, i.e. a spell producing magically a mace-acting projectile. All these are pure speculation. It could be any other way. I think only the devs know what is was meant to be. If they haven’t forgotten themselves that is. (described that way by ArthurDent)
Additional Information:
- the spellicon can only be found within the Pr-Demo’s mpq-file
- graphics: mindmace.cel
- sounds: not available :(

Section 1.1.b - Removed Spells, appearing as icon, graphics and sounds, passive:
image Etherealize:
Type: n\a
Effect: For a defined period of time any damage, that would initiate a life-reduction is absorbed.
Additional Information:
- graphics: ethrshld.cl2
- sounds: ethereal.wav
- formula: Manacost: MC = 100 - 6*SLVL

imageBlood Ritual:
Type: n\a
Effect: Refills Mana at the cost of Life
Additional Information:
- uses the same sound and cast-animation as healing
- it’s possible to use this spell in the Pr-Demo as well
- formula: Lifecost per 1 casting = 10 Hit Points. Gained Mana = 8 + 1*Spell Level

Section 1.2 - Removed Spells, emerging as icons and sounds, passive:
Type: n\a
Effect: Actually that what you would expect of an Invisibility-spell :)
Additional Information:
- sounds: invisibl.wav
- the icon was reused in Diablo2 > Teleport
- formula: Manacost: MC = 40 - 5*SLVL

Section 1.3 - occurring only as icons:
image image image image image
- All those spells should cost a certain amount of life judged by the appearance of their icons as red coloured spellicons always indicate a life draining spell in the game
- 1, 3 & 5 might be active and 2 & 4 passive spells
- the name of number 3 could be Blood Wave

Integrated Spells: Analysis

Section 2- Integrated Spells, Original Icons and Sounds:
In the Retail- as well as Pr-demo- and Betaversion of Diablo cast8.wav is used for the Healing spell instead of healing.wav

Town Portal:
Sentinal didn't make it into the Retail-Version, that’s why its sound-file is used for the Town Portal spell instead of the original and still findable sound called portal.wav

Since in the Pr-Demo Doom Serpents is an integrated spell Guardian used to have this imo more fitting icon :

Spell Occurrence)

The following table covers everything, which is to be found regarding how some of the deleted spells as well as all the other regular spells emerged in the Pr-Demo (the remaining unused spells were never integrated in any version so no further information is available):

Pos Name of Spell Requirements Animation Sound* QLVL Book QLVL Staff SLVL0 Mana
>00 >Firebolt >00 >Fire >2 >1 >1 >6
>01 >Healing >17 >Magic >8 >1 >1 >8
>02 >Lightning >20 >Lightning >4 >2 >1 >10
>03 >Flash >33 >Lightning >4 >5 >4 >20
>04 >Identify >23 >Magic >6 >1 >1 >13
>05 >Fire Wall >27 >Fire >2 >3 >2 >28
>06 >Town Portal >20 >Magic >6 >3 >3 >35
>07 >Stone Curse >51 >Magic >2 >6 >5 >18
>08 >Infravision >36 >Magic >8 >6 >5 >40
>09 >Phasing >39 >Magic >2 >7 >6 >12
>10 >Mana Shield >25 >Magic >2 >6 >5 >15
>11 >Fireball >48 >Fire >2 >8 >7 >30
>12 >Guardian >57 >Fire >2 >9 >8 >50
>13 >Chain Lightning >54 >Lightning >2 >8 >7 >25
>14 >Flame Wave >45 >Fire >2 >9 >8 >35
>15 >Doom Serpents >60 >Lightning >2 >9 >8 >30
>16 >Blood Ritual >21 >Magic >2 >2 >2 >00
>17 >Nova >66 >Lightning >4 >11 >10 >40
>18 >Invisibility >69 >Magic >2 >12 >10 >40
>19 >Sentinal >57 >Fire >2 >9 >8 >50
>20 >Golem >72 >Fire >2 >11 >9 >66
>21 >Blood Boil >78 >Lightning >8 >10 >9 >20
>22 >Teleport >81 >Magic >6 >14 >12 >35
>23 >Apocalypse >84 >Fire >2 >-- >15 >150
>24 >Etherealize >75 >Magic >2 >-- >12 >100
>25 >Item Repair >-- >Magic >6 >-- >-- >00
>26 >Staff Recharge >-- >Magic >6 >-- >-- >00
>27 >Trap Disarm >-- >Magic >6 >-- >-- >00
*: Spells sound file names: cast#.wav

Price of spell book is: PRICE = qlvl book * 1000.
So Book of Firebolt costs 1000gp, Lightning 2000gp, Flash 5000gp ...... etc. It seems that Book of Apocalypse and Book of Etherealize can’t drop, as there furthermore exist no scrolls for them, it’s quite safe to assume that these two are staff-only spells.


Fire- & Lightning Arrows ( Monster + Trap)
Actually it’s quite sad, that they never showed up in the game itself, since it really would have made sense to include them, because there are bow-using creatures, which are immune to fire or lightning and therefore it would be logical to let them make the sort of elemental-damage from which they wouldn't suffer.
As traps they might have appeared as well, since normal arrow-traps do occur in the game.

Krull – Missile (Monster only)
This is the missile, which is used by the infamous Incinerator(further information can be found within the Enemies-Section) > he’s throwing it towards you like a shuriken.