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Horazons Sanctum

Think of it as a humongous area consisting of four regions:

  1. Horazon's rooms
  2. The Tunnels
  3. The Pit
  4. Horazon's Protected Haven
Horazon's rooms
It can't be proven, that there were several rooms, but it could have been like that:

A room, where the following books can be found:
- Golem-related Book
- The Creature of Flame(Should contain some information regarding the Incinerator)
Book(read by Player-Character)
"The Creature of Flame" by Horazon. Should be interesting reading.

Note: The assumption, that the book, which contains the information regarding the Golem-spell is related to Horazon's Sanctum is based on the fact, that all those sound-files follow right after each other within the MPQ-file without being interrupted by a different quest or something.

Besides other things the arcane circle of binding is to be found here.
Note: The location of the Grimspike-scroll, which mentions the arcane circle of binding, could be either the Studying-room or a not-already-entitled room (insert a name, if you like to J).
The room, which leads to the tunnels
Current location of the dead Horazon and his journal.

Note: Horazon is most likely dead for the following three reasons:
-) You find his journal, which wouldn't be necessary if he was alive, since talking to him would be possible to get the information regarding the demons
-) He wasn't able to get to his protected haven, since one of the demons is located within the tunnels, which lead there
-) Pepin wouldn't be surprised if you wouldn't find anything else besides the remains of him
The Tunnels
They lead to a pit as well as to Horazon's protected haven and are currently closed (a switch can open them). It might be that the following player-character speeches are related to the entrance of the tunnels(if you try to get in without using the switch)
[It may be that you were in need of assistance from one of the walking townfolks to either enter the Tunnels or the Protected Haven, which means that it might have occurred that two or more things needed to be done simultaneously]:
imagePlayer Character:
-)Maybe it's locked from the inside.
-)Looks like it's rusted-shut.
-)Maybe there's another way.
Note: It's imaginable as well that the speeches above are connected with the Protected Haven and to finally get in, three books need to be read, which are reused in Hellfire (the ones, which are weakening Na-Krul):
imagePlayer Character:
-)In spiritu sanctum.
-)Praedictum otium.
-)Efficio obitus ut inimicus.
-)The Enchantment is gone. (Loose Translation: In holy spirit, declare peace or I'll make you rejoin the dead, when you're hostile.)
The Pit
Location of Azmodan's Lieutenant

The Protected Haven
Nothings is known about that.
Before entering the Sanctum
Tome(read by Player-Character)
"Let this tome serve as your warning. This is a forbidden place. Return from whence you came and your life will be spared. Horazon, master of the disciplines that summon and bind creatures to this plane, promises death to those who pass beyond the five pillars. You have been admonished."
(Trivial) Note: "Whence" means "from where". Saying "from whence"is redundant ("from from where").

Related Quests

Horazon's entrapped Demons
Trigger: two writs in two different rooms
(for further information read the description of Horazon's Sanctum above)
Gist: Destroy Horazon's two demonic summonings.
Reward: Unknown.

Lieutenant of Azmodan
Horazon's Journal (read by the Player-Character)
This looks like some sort of journal. "It seems that I may have brought something to this plane that even I cannot control. The creature that fell into my astral trap is a very deadly demon. I have been able to bind it at the bottom of a pit, but it kills everything that I have sent there in attempts to defeat it. While it cannot escape, it does block the tunnels that lead to my protected haven. I am tempted to use the switch to open the tunnels to see if it will just leave, but I fear it is smarter than most of the lesser demons I have trapped before. If I could just lure it somewhere else..."

Note: As mentioned regarding the Warlock-quest this demon is able to move freely within the pit and could be released by opening the currently closed tunnels, which lead there and not by reading any book, so he's definitely the other entrapped Lieutenant

Grimspike, Lieutenant of Belial
Scroll(read by Player-Character)
"The lieutenant of Belial is known as Grimspike. Beware this demon, for his strength appears immeasurable. Reading this scroll and therefore speaking his name near an arcane circle of binding will surely summon him there" Hmm, near a circle of binding.

Note: Grimspike is certainly a part of this quest (read Cain's quest-related speech)

image Adria:
You must destroy the two demons that Horazon has trapped within his sanctum at all costs. Should they escape from their imprisonment, they will create a link to this world that will make what lies below the cathedral seem like a children's tale.
image Cain:
So, you seek knowledge concerning the wars of Hell, do you? Cryptic tomes speak of great battles that determine which of the demonic lords were to rule over Hell. They also mention a bitter rivalry between two of these lords: Azmodan, who led the Horned Death against the armies of light, and Belial, known as the Lord of Lies. Their hatred of each other is eternal. The reasons for their loathing, lost even to themselves. Tales abound that the mad wizard Horazon somehow trapped the lieutenants of these two lords of hell within his sanctum. There can be no more dangerous a path to tread than the one that runs alongside of demons. Should you also seek this path, watch your life and your soul very carefully, my friend.
image Farnham:> Sounds like a good idea to me. Ya better get started right awaaay.
image Gillian:
This is something that is far beyond anything I have ever learned. I can only think of one person in all of Tristram who could help you. Cain, of course.
image Griswold:
A bode tale indeed. My limited time beneath the cathedral leaves me poorly equipped to offer you any help of this. But, as always, you'll find Cain well versed in legends and folklore.
(This is Griswold's true contribution to that quest [bsmith08.wav], thanks to Ychiju it's now been corrected)
image Ogden:
These sound like dark creatures indeed. I am ignorant in matters of this nature, but I would assume that our storyteller may know of such legends.
image Pepin:
Horazon was insane. Thereare forces with which one does not interfere. It would not surprise me if you found only the charred remains of this damned fool.
image Wirt:
The care and feeding of demons is definitely not an interest of mine. Here is a piece of friendly advice: If you get the chance, kill anything you see down there.
Learn Golem

Trigger: The Golem-related book
Gist: It doesn't explicitly state it, but this seems like a quest to learn Golem.
Reward: Learning Golem is likely.
Book (read by Player-Character)

-)"Then by binding the spirit to the crafted rock, it is given life." This sounds like a spell of some kind.
-)*magic words* e.g. warior05.wav (Note: that isn't a warrior-only speech)